Software Updates

Downloading The Latest Software

At this time, all software is updated by downloading the latest full version from the Customer Support area. To download the latest version of software you have already purchased, log in to the customer area using the details emailed to you at the time of purchase. (Note: If you have lost this information, use this automated form to resend it).

You can ensure you have the latest features and updates by downloading the latest full version (not the trial). Use the information emailed to you at the time of purchase to download the latest version. If you do not have this information contact us using this form to request a resend of your details.

Users evaluating the free trial software can download the latest version here.

Resolving Problems

If you are having a problem installing Snitch products, or running Snitch software on your system, your first stop should be the Frequently Asked Questions area. It is likely that somebody else has already encountered the same problem, and a solution or a workaround is available.

If you do not find a satisfactory answer there, please check that your software is up to date. By installing the latest full version of the software, you can ensure that your version of Snitch contains the latest fixes and added features. If you still have a problem that you cannot resolve please contact our technical support staff here.

PLEASE NOTE that Incremental Updates for Snitch products are not available at this time.