Terms And Conditions

Refund Policy

Hyperdyne Software strongly believes that customers should have the right to evaluate software before purchasing; to evaluate the software for themselves, on their own system. To that end, Hyperdyne Software provides trial software, available at no cost, for the purpose. For home user products, trial software can be downloaded from this website without any requirement to sign up, create an account, or supply personal or credit card details. For enterprise products, trial software is made available to clients on an individual basis. 

Purchased software for which unlock keys have been delivered to the customer, either by email, regular mail or by other means, cannot in general, be refunded. Under certain circumstances, at the sole discretion of Hyperdyne Software, we (Hyperdyne Software) may elect to grant a refund if: 

a) we have been provided reasonable opportunity to assist the customer in solving outstanding issues
b) we feel that following these attempts, there can be no satisfactory resolution to the customer's concerns
c) the customer supplies us with a statutory declaration, via email, to the effect that they will delete, and will make no attempt to subsequently use, the refunded software

We feel that this is reasonable because we make trial software freely available on our website, for evaluation prior to purchase; and because issuing of an unlock code cannot be reversed. 

In any case, we request that the customer contact technical support in the first instance, and allow us to try and solve any problems amicably, since most customer reported issues have known solutions, and can be easily solved.