Product Features

Windows 11, 10, 8.x, 7, Vista and XP support
Fully compatible with the latest Windows Operating Systems.
Automated Detection of Inappropriate Material
Quickly scans computer drives for adult or offensive material, and helps users clean up unwanted items easily.
Simple User Interface
Uncomplicated operation allows even novice users to cleanup their computer like an expert.
Image & Video Analysis
Analyzes media files to see if they contain adult content or nudity.
Compressed File Scan
Checks ZIP and other compressed archives for suspicious content
Renamed Files
Inspects files at binary level to confirm that the file type matches the file's extension.
Keyword Analysis
Uses a large database of obscene and suspicious keywords to help identify unwanted files.
Safe File Exclusion
Uses a list of files that you have previously marked as safe, to skip unnecessary files and speed up later scans.
Internet History Scan
Scans browser history to check for visitation of suspicious or offensive internet websites.
Cookie Analysis
Checks browser cookies for inappropriate internet activity.
Enhanced Performance
Snitch is now even faster, more robust and more accurate than ever.
Snitch Plus includes all Snitch features, plus these extras:
Completely Re-engineered Code Base
Snitch Plus has been completely rewritten using state of the art techniques for increased speed and reliability, and compatibility with modern and future technologies.
File Shredding
Snitch Plus can completely shred deleted files so they cannot be recovered even with forensic tools.
Firefox History Scanning
Now scans Firefox browser history as well as Internet Explorer.
Supports Additional File Formats
More video formats are handled, including the latest and evolving mobile standards. Snitch Plus also has a more configurable video scanning engine.
Enhanced Content Detection Accuracy
Revised scanning engine now detects more accurately and quickly.
Unicode Support
Snitch Plus handles files that use non-english unicode character sets.
Scan Recovery
Now interrupted scans (eg. from a power outage) can be resumed without loss of scan progress.
Recursive Testing of Compressed Files
The contents of archived files are now extracted and tested along with regular files.
New And Expanded Keyword Functionality
Expanded keyword sets improve detection accuracy. Keywords of interest can now be assigned categories for more effective review.
Fourth Generation SkinScan™ Technology
Snitch products can detect images containing nudity with its proprietary image processing technology, and then sort the results by 'suspiciousness'. This allows easy location of pornography and other adult material. Recovered files can easily be deleted from the system.
Wide range of file types detected
Snitch products use a sophisticated package of specialized search algorithms to scan your computer for inappropriate files. These algorithms are optimized to detect the majority of files that cause concern. File types detected include images (various types), movies (various types), audio files(various types), suspicious internet activity, internet cookies, as well as renamed files, files with obscene or suspicious filenames. With User-Defined searches, Snitch can be customized to detect specific types of files as well.
Browse movie and image thumbnails
Quickly determine suitability of detected images and movies by browsing through them using pages of small images or 'thumbnails'. Questionable images can be enlarged to full screen for further inspection.
User Interface Enhancements
The Snitch user interface has been enhanced for easier operation, with extra features including Save / Load result sets, abiltity to pause a scan to review results and then resume scanning, additional file copy / delete functions, right-click menus, etc.
Keyword Analysis
Snitch incorporates a vastly expanded database of keywords that can be used to enhance search results. Filenames can be checked for the presence of keywords, text based files and documents can be scanned for contained keywords, and the results can be used to boost the suspiciousness rating of files.
Interactive deletion of offending articles
Deletion of undesirable files and internet results could not be easier. Results can be added, within the Snitch interface, to a deletion list. At the completion of result viewing, the selected items are permanently deleted with the press of a single button.
'Safe Files' and 'Safe Folders'
The user is now able to add files to a 'safe file' list which flags them as safe and prevents them from appearing in results in future scans. This is useful in speeding up scanning and saves the user from reviewing of files that are known to be OK. The user is also able to save time by excluding specified folders from future scans if they are known to be clean.
Simple one-button operation
Snitch is simple to operate for users who are unfamiliar with computers. With the press of a button, Snitch will automatically scan the target computer using the most common settings, and return results without user intervention.
Password Protect Snitch
The user can set Snitch to require a password before use, to prevent unauthorized access by third parties.