Porn Detection vs Pokemon style porn files - a case study

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How porn detection software handles 'Pokemon porn' and inappropriate cartoon images

Difference between 'Pokemon porn' and real porn images Snitch's porn detection algorithms have been optimized to analyze an image for key properties normally found in pornographic content. Pornographic material comes in many different varieties, and so the techniques used to identify it must handle these variations. The software must take into account many different factors when assigning a weighting to an image or a video frame capture.

A prime example of this can be seen in the comparison between a 'pokemon porn' style image and a regular image, see figure 1. Immediately a number of factors that distinguish the two types of image are apparent.

  • The character in the 'Pokemon porn' image has clearly disproportionate features, whereas the human does not. For example compare the eyes, nose and mouth; note their abnormal appearance compared to the rest of the face. Also the face width itself, and the head size compared to the rest of the body
  • There is a distinct lack of features in the 'Pokemon porn' character; in fact this style, like most cartoon art, is defined by it. Hair is flat and devoid of detail, as opposed to the features of the human, which are very detailed
  • There is high contrast and sharp edge detail in the Pokemon character. Again this is a typical characteristic of most cartoon imagery. Compare with the human image.
  • There are large blocks of solid tones in the Pokemon porn image, whereas the human image has clear variations typical of a regular photograph

When it comes to detecting the differences between cartoon porn and regular porn, all these factors, and many more besides, factor in to applying an accurate suspicion rating for a given image. The algorithms in Snitch products take all these factors into account. Each factor applies a variable weighting to the final calculation. The weighting assigned for a given factor can be either positive or negative, depending on other detected factors.

News report of man arrested for cartoon porn One might feel that the detection of cartoon porn is of low importance when scanning a computer for porn, given the fact that compared to normal pornography it is hand drawn, the characters are fictitious and any depicted activity is not real, so this type of content must be benign.

However several recent court cases would seem to indicate that some cartoon porn can be considered illegal. This report outlines a case where a man was found to have 'visual representations of child sexual abuse' on his computer after having downloaded porn featuring child characters from the Simpsons. A similar case is discussed here.

Snitch and Snitch Plus use a complicated weighting algorithm that has been adjusted over years of experimentation. The result of these efforts has produced a SkinScan™ engine with superb accuracy, far beyond the capabilities of any competing technology.

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