Detecting and removing 'pron' and porn files with Snitch

Get rid of PC 'pron' and porn with Snitch porn detector

Snitch is a software tool designed to detect pron on computer hard drives.

So what exactly is 'pron'?

'Pron' is a variation of the word 'porn' with the letters 'o' and 'r' reversed. Sometimes it is spelled 'pr0n' or 'Pr0n' with a zero in place of the o. In the early days of the internet the word 'pron' itself was used initially as a covert way of referring to pornography, eg. search engines would not typically pick up the word 'pron' when you searched for 'porn' but anybody reading it would instinctively understand what it meant. However in modern vernacular it is commonly used as a direct substitute for the word 'porn' without any qualification, and either a) the misspelling goes unnoticed or b) it is assumed to mean 'porn', or c) it is recognized as a misspelling but understood to mean 'porn' anyway.

Snitch is not only capable of detecting legitimate porn using visual analysis algorithms, but it also uses keyphrase tests to weight files if they contain suspicious phrases; and you can be certain the phrase 'pron' is detected because it is so often related to actual pornography, either by misspelling or by intentional substitution.

Pron files that have been detected are sorted, and can then be reviewed as thumbnails and deleted if necessary. Inappropriate files can come in many forms - and Snitch is able to detect many pron file types including:

- Pron images and pictures of many kinds
- Pron movies in all the major formats
- Suspicious pron related internet activity,
- Obscene filenames and obscenity in text-readable files
- Hidden pron files
- Pron in compressed archives
- and many more

How does Snitch Detect and Remove 'Pron'?

Image being analyzed for porn or nudity by our SkinScan algorithm Image being analyzed for porn or nudity by our SkinScan algorithm

The unique SkinScan technology integrated that is a key component of Snitch products can detect nudity in images and videos, as well as suspicious content in many other files. It automatically scans your PC for all kinds of 'pron' content, and will make quick work of removing items that were detected.

We all want our family to stay safe when using the computer, and not be accidentally exposed to pron that they might discover on the hard drive. Regularly scanning for and removing pron material as part of your computer maintenance routine is crucial for creating a safe computing environment for the family.

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