Cleaning Up or Reformatting - How to Handle Hard Drive Porn

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When to clean hard drive porn - Should you erase the whole harddrive?

So you just discovered a huge stash of pornography on your home computer. Put aside, for the moment, what's going to happen when you get your hands on the family member who put it there in the first place. You need to clean up the hard drive before somebody stumbles across it. You can't take the risk that your children might find this porn material when trying to do their homework. And your sister's kids are coming over this weekend, and no doubt they will be playing computer games the whole time.

To Clean Or Erase, That Is The Question

Your first reaction is probably something like "I'd better reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch", but there's the risk of losing your valuable data, and having to reinstall everything is time-consuming and tedious, and is not always necessary. There's a number of alternatives to erasing your computer's hard drive, so hold off on that reformat for a minute, and let's see what other options there are.

Clean the hard drive manually

You can opt to clean your hard drive by hand if you're so inclined. That entails searching your hard drive manually, and hopefully detecting pornography in all its locations. That means all signs of pornography and hidden files, as well as cleaning up browser history and removing the temporary files associated with that history. You might be lucky and discover that all porn has been downloaded into one big folder, but this is not always the case, as hidden porn files can be scattered throughout the hard drive. Using the manual cleanup method there is no guarantee that you'll get all the porn files. Cleaning up porn manually is very tedious and requires intimate knowledge of the hard drive and underlying systems. A typical Windows hard disk can have more than half a million files, so it's clear this will not be a fun job.

Most users will prefer an automated computer cleaning product that will do the job thoroughly and automatically; that can quickly scan a hard disk for inappropriate material and present it for assessment and / or erasure.

Erase the unwanted material using automated software

Snitch Porn Eraser Software is especially designed to handle the cleanup of pornographic files on your behalf. It uses image and video analysis technology to identify adult content in picture and movie files, as well is scanning for a number of hidden porn files and other inappropriate material, and can help you clean up this material quickly and reliably. It can quickly dig through terabytes of files and weed out porn from all corners of the hard disk. you can read more about the various products in the Snitch range here.

Snitch software can help you:
  • Clean out inappropriate media files on the hard drive such as adult images, videos, audio etc.
  • Clean hard drive files that have been hidden on the disk by renaming, or changing file extensions (eg. from .jpg to .txt)
  • Detect and cleanup porn files inside compressed archives like ZIP and RAR files
  • Clean up material hidden anywhere within hard drive folders eg. documents\accounts\tax\backups\myporn
  • Clean hard drive files as specified by the user in a customized search
  • Clean internet history from all harddrive locations

Clean up Internet history

In many cases pornography comes from the Internet, so a key element of cleaning up after a porn infection involves getting rid of explicit Internet history and cleaning up any temp files that have been left behind after surfing adult websites.Snitch is able to clean up Internet history from the most common browsers, ensuring that no one else comes across visitation history of inappropriate websites.

Run a scan for spyware

A common problem associated with downloading porn, is that it often associated with websites that are a high risk for malware; and in many cases a computer that contains a lot of porn also contains a number of spyware infections. These spyware infections manifest in various ways, ranging from adding porn links into your browser, to downloading porn to your hard drive, and even stealing your personal information. Therefore, once the computer has been cleared of pornography, it is highly recommended to clean up any malware using a program such as MalwareBytes (it's free). MalwareBytes is very effective at cleaning up malware infections, and after it has finished cleaning up your PC, you can rest easy knowing that all infections have been removed.

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