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Clean disk drives with Snitch porn removal software

Disk cleaner software - Try out Snitch FREE and clean your disks today!

When you need to get rid of porn from your hard disks, Snitch is the tool for you. Snitch is a disk cleaner created to help clean hard drives of offensive images, movies, internet history and other illicit files. Snitch parental controls can perform a hard disk search , identifying files that contain nudity; it can also delete history, as well as perform a variety of other intelligent porn scans to assist in finding and cleaning out many forms of pornography. Other functions include internet history scanning and porn removal, keyword inspections, and identification of files that have been intentionally hidden.

When disk cleaner software is needed Snitch provides many benefits over other software. Rapid and thorough drive scanning capability, automated detection of hidden porn files, smart analysis of image and video files to determine whether they contain adult content, quick and easy result review and cleanup, simple user interface, effective and robust disk scanning engine and wide range of analyzed items including pron and obscenity.

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