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System cleaner software removes porn and other files

Snitch system cleaner software - Try out Snitch FREE and clean your system today!

Snitch is designed as the ideal system cleaner software for detecting and removing inappropriate files from your computer. When you need to get rid of porn from your hard drives, Snitch is the tool for you.

Snitch is a system cleaner tool created to help clean hard drives of offensive images, movies, internet history and other illicit files. Snitch can perform a hard drive search , identifying files that contain nudity; it can also delete history, as well as various other intelligent porn scans to assist in finding and removing many forms of pornography. Other functions include internet history scanning and removal, keyword inspections, and identification of files that have been intentionally hidden.

Dont leave it to chance; Snitch can take away the doubt when you think there is porn hidden on your hard disks. Snitch and Snitch Plus both have the capabilities to perform a thorough scan of your system and report on any discovered porn. It is also designed to make the process of cleaning up the inappropriate material quick and easy. Download a free trial now!

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