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Parental Controls

Snitch is a parent controllable application created to detect pornography on computer hard drives, and then delete the unwanted files. Detected files are sorted, and are assessed by the user - if the user determines that the resultant files are pornographic in nature, then he can delete them using a 'system delete' (not to the recycle bin). To remove pornography is easy using Snitch. Parents can regain control of their home computer once again.

Because pornography can come in many forms - Snitch parental control software is capable of detecting pornographic images, movies, inappropriate internet activity, obscene filenames and obscenity in text-readable files. It also contains algorithms for recovering data about the contents of compressed files and checking if the contained files are suspicious.

Snitch puts the power of trusted parental controls into the hands of any user. Snitch's simple to use interface still has plenty of power and options for the advanced user. And unlike many other parent controled tools Snitch is loaded with cutting edge technology to make the novice user seem like an expert.

This is where Snitch comes in; it can be used to detect inappropriate internet behaviour, both directly, by checking the internet browser access caches, and indirectly by examining the computer for files that have been obtained using the internet. In addition, files that have been introduced through other channels, such as LAN, CDROM, floppy disc, compressed files, email, and other internet methods that bypass the browser, are easily detected by Snitch and rarely by any other system. Snitch puts control of the home computer back into the hands of the parent.

To find out more about Snitch, and for a Free Demo, Click Here

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