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Hard Drive Clean Up - Get rid of porn from your computer!

Are you finding pornographic pictures and movies on your hard drive, but you don't know where they came from? Are other family members acting suspiciously when using the internet? Do you really know what kind of material your computer contains? Snitch can help you do a hard drive clean up now .

Snitch software is designed to scan computers and help find and remove porn images and movies, illegal MP3 files, Internet history caches, cookies etc. and leave your hard drive clean and tidy!

Snitch has the ability, during a porn scan, to inspect individual images and to identify those that are likely to be pornographic or contain nudity, using various methods. Snitch can interrogate compressed files, to see if they contain illicit material including adult images; it can check text and HTML files for rude language, check for files with obscene filenames, and much more. Uncovered files can be viewed, sorted, or compiled into a report, and then deleted using hard drive clean up techniques.

Snitch computer cleaner is often used by schools to tidy up common use workstations and library computers, and to clean up server hard drives for use by staff and students. Businesses use Snitch to check their networked computing resources, to make sure no pornographic material exists which could cause legal issues. Home users use Snitch to clean their computers so nosy neighbors or service technicians do not find unwanted surprises.

For a clean hard disk, use the search and deletion capabilities of Snitch.

To find out more about Snitch, or to download a FREE demo, Click Here

Snitch - a software program designed to detect and remove adult material from a computer hard drive. For more information about Snitch, click here - to download a demo, click here

Hard drive clean up - The process of removing adult material from a computer system

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