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Clean your computer of porn with Snitch software

Snitch makes it easy to clean your computer using intelligent search algorithms

Snitch is a computer cleaner created to help clean hard drives of offensive images, movies, internet history and other illicit files. Snitch parental control software can perform a hard drive search ,identifying files that contain nudity; it can also delete history, as well as various other intelligent porn scans to assist in finding and removing many forms of pornography. You can easily clean up hard drive files with this software. There are several other products available to clean up hard drives, such as Media Detective and PinPoint Auditor (which is actually enterprise software and not for home users) but Snitch is still the best of them all.

When you need to clean up hard drives, Snitch has what it takes. With comprehensive scanning abilities and easy to use results display, Snitch will clean your computer quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

To find out more about Snitch, or to download a FREE demo, Click Here

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