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Remove adult content with Snitch software

Cleaning up adult files is easy with the right tools

Snitch has been specifically developed to assist computer user in cleaning up adult content, including pornography and illicit files, from their computer's hard disks. Adult content can arrive from several sources but it typically gets onto a computer through the activity of somebody who has free access to it. They often use it to access the internet to view and download titillating visuals including images and movies.

Snitch is specially suited to help cleanup adult content in many forms. It contains an analysis engine that was created to automatically scan all hard drive files and to check for and remove adult content interactively. Many file types can be analyzed and detected, including pictures, movies, internet browser history, hidden files, files that have been renamed to hide their type, files with inappropriate or suspicious file names, zip, RAR and other archive files, browser cookies, etc. Snitch is capable of detecting all these and more during a fast, automated scan procedure that can be set running any time.

Snitch and Snitch Plus assist by quickly checking your hard drive for pornographic or adult content, and they will interactively help you remove all said content from the computer quickly and reliably.

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